Summary for Maven RPM Plugin

The RPM plugin is used to generate a RPM spec file, and then harvest a RPM package using the spec file, along with project binaries resulting from the earlier phases of the build lifecycle.

This plugin consists of seven mojos: install-dependencies, set-project-file, generate-spec, build, install, remove, and remove-dependencies.

As an incidental implementation detail, the build mojo uses the plexus Commandline and BourneShell API's.

Lifecycle Bindings

Below is the descriptor for the Make-based RPM build lifecycle:


Notice that the lifecycle bindings are mapped against mojos from several external plugins. The sole purpose of the RPM plugin is to create and install the RPM package containing compiled binaries. It does not dictate how to build sources to generate the binaries - that's the role of the make plugin.

Below is a description of what each goal in the lifecycle does:

make:validate-pom Checks for existence of required pom properties. Right now, only the prefix property is required.

rpm:install-dependencies Looks for the RPM artifacts listed as dependencies in the pom from the local repository and installs each of them into the RPM system. If a RPM binary is not found in the local repo, it attempts to get the source archive from the remote repository, unpack and build the source, create the RPM binary, store it in the local repo and install into the RPM system. If any of these dependencies have dependencies on other packages then they too are resolved and installed in the same manner (i.e., transitive dependency resolution mechanism).

rpm:set-project-file Setup the RPM file reference for MavenProject.getArtifact().getFile(), so it can be used as a basis for determining whether to run a build or not (based on the lastMod of this file vs. the latest lastMod of the source files...this is handled in another plugin.)

multibuild-optimizer:check-package-staleness Checks if the RPM file referenced from MavenProject.getArtifact().getFile() exists and is newer than the newest source file. If so, advices the other mojos down the lifecycle that use it to decide whether to skip execution.

make:compile Executes a Make compile target to generate binaries from the project source.

make:test Runs the make target (e.g. check) to test the compiled binaries.

make:make-install Runs the make target to install compiled binaries directly into the system at the specified location.

rpm:generate-spec Generates the spec file for the RPM.

rpm:build Creates the RPM from the project binaries and the generated spec file.

maven:install Installs the pom and RPM into the local repository.

rpm:install Installs the RPM into the RPM database.

maven:deploy Deploys the RPM to the remote repository.