The CBuilds Maven Plugins

Release History

Version Date Description
1.0-beta-1 5/29/2009 Made RPM and tarballs Maven attached artifacts, formalized RPM version/release numbers, major emphasis on itegration testing the full lifecycle and making implementation footprint smaller
1.0-alpha-6 12/08/2008 Fix pathOf expansion in shell-maven-plugin
1.0-alpha-5 11/05/2008 Downgrade to Maven 2.0.9, upgrade to JDK 1.5, mojo-parent site standarization, feature additions, bugfixes
1.0-alpha-4 11/01/2008 Release cancelled due to Maven 3.x-SNAPSHOT dependency
1.0-alpha-3 1/23/2007 bugfixes
1.0-alpha-2 1/11/2007 bugfixes
1.0-alpha-1 12/18/2006 Initial Release

Release 1.0-beta-1 - 5/29/2009

Type Changes By
remove Issue logged to move, file. Functionality covered in ant-maven-plugin or shell-maven-plugin. Fixes CBUILDS-29. Lee Thompson
add Update code to maven 2.1.0 Fixes CBUILDS-31. Lee Thompson
fix Fix bulk of eclipse and checkstyle code problems, and there are lots. Fixes CBUILDS-32. Lee Thompson
fix If you have a dependency on cbuild-utils, you have to include a dependency on plexus-utils or you get class mismatch exceptions. Fixes CBUILDS-33. Lee Thompson
remove Tests in tests directory don't run. Ended up with total rewrite using maven-invoker-plugin in integration-tests directory. Fixes CBUILDS-34. Lee Thompson
remove Rewrite code to make tarballs and RPMs maven attached artifact. Eliminate custom deploy goals favoring maven-deploy-plugin. Fixes CBUILDS-35. Lee Thompson
add Subtask of CBUILDS-35 Fixes CBUILDS-36. Lee Thompson
remove Depricate release property forcing POM version to RPM compatible version. Fixes CBUILDS-38. Lee Thompson
add Update mojo-parent, settled on version 21. Fixes CBUILDS-40. Lee Thompson
fix Fix documentation links to svn/fisheye Fixes CBUILDS-41. Lee Thompson
add Create integration test suite with maven-invoker-plugin. Fixes CBUILDS-42. Lee Thompson
remove Issue started as refactoring, which was done, but what ended up happening is CBUILD specific artifact handlers were replaced with the standard maven plugins wagon-maven-plugin, build-helper-maven-plugin, maven-dependency-plugin, and maven-deploy-plugin Fixes CBUILDS-43. Lee Thompson
remove Remove platform-detective-maven-plugin moving function into validate goal of rpm-cbuild-maven-plugin. Fixes CBUILDS-44. Lee Thompson
remove Remove BuildAdvisor session cookie mechanism. Fixes CBUILDS-48. Lee Thompson

Release 1.0-alpha-6 - 12/08/2008

Type Changes By
fix Fix pathOf expansion in shell-maven-plugin seen with Maven 2.0.9. Fixes CBUILDS-30. Lee Thompson

Release 1.0-alpha-5 - 11/05/2008

Type Changes By
add Implement BuildContext facility in Maven 2.1. This was an idea which was backed out of Maven then in CBUIDLS itself (CBUILDS-22). Fixes CBUILDS-1. John Casey, Jason van Zyl
add Replace Antcalls with plexus Commandline utility calls. Simplifies dependencies and fixes alot of buggy ant tasks Fixes CBUILDS-2. John Casey
add Simplify configurations using new profile extensions in maven 2.1. While implemented, this is not released in 1.0-alpha-5 as this release was backported when the profile extensions release was delayed to Maven 3.0 (CBUILDS-28). Fixes CBUILDS-3. John Casey
add Have the patch plugin bow out gracefully if there is nothing to do. Fixes CBUILDS-4. John Casey
add Source patches are always unpacked even if source archive has been expanded. Fixes CBUILDS-5. John Casey
add Incorporate implicit version ranges for handline version numbers where 1.2.0 -> [1.2.0,1.2.1) Fixes CBUILDS-6. John Casey
add make:configure step should suport forcing relative-path reference to ./configure Fixes CBUILDS-7. John Casey
add Add parameter aliases to make:configure that are more intuitive (skipConfigure in addition to skipConfig) Fixes CBUILDS-8. John Casey
add Maven dependencies need to match RPM dependencies Fixes CBUILDS-9. John Casey
add Incorporate release number into maven version. Fixes CBUILDS-10. John Casey
add Add support for defining an environment variable for a mojo execution. Fixes CBUILDS-11. John Casey
add Need support for code generation tools Fixes CBUILDS-13. John Casey
add SCM based C builds lifecycle Fixes CBUILDS-14. John Casey
add Create unit and integration tests for make-maven-plugin Fixes CBUILDS-15. John Casey
add Create unit and integration tests for rpm-cbuild-maven-plugin Fixes CBUILDS-16. John Casey
add Create unit and integration tests for cbuilds-utils Fixes CBUILDS-17. John Casey
add Binary project artifact must include system specific OS/Architecture tokens as a classifier Fixes CBUILDS-19. John Casey
fix Build failure when installing RPM Fixes CBUILDS-20. Lee Thompson
update rpm plugin fails from incompatible /etc/*releases file with Redhat AS5 and Centos OS4 Fixes CBUILDS-21. Lee Thompson
remove Deal with BuildContext being deprecated in Maven 2.1 (aka Maven 3.0) Fixes CBUILDS-22. Lee Thompson
fix Pass DESTDIR to make install correctly as documented with autotools Fixes CBUILDS-24. Lee Thompson
fix maven clean does not delete symbolic links Fixes CBUILDS-25. Lee Thompson
update Deal with maven 2.1-SNAPSHOTs being deleted out of internet repos Fixes CBUILDS-26. Lee Thompson
remove Downport code from Maven 3.x to Maven 2.x Fixes CBUILDS-28. Lee Thompson

Release 1.0-alpha-4 - 11/01/2008

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Release 1.0-alpha-3 - 1/23/2007

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Release 1.0-alpha-2 - 1/11/2007

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Release 1.0-alpha-1 - 12/18/2006

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