About Maven Dashboard Report Plugin

The basic purpose of "Maven Dashboard Report Plugin" is to centralize and share all quality informations generated by other Maven report plugins as :

  • Test Coverage :
    • Cobertura : calculates the percentage of code accessed by tests.
    • Clover : calculates Test Coverage metrics
  • Code Quality :
    • CheckStyle : performs static code style analysis
    • PMD/CPD : performs Java source code analysis and Copy/Paste Detection
    • FindBugs : performs Java source code analysis to detect Bug patterns
    • JDepend : calculates design quality metrics by package
    • Taglist : performs static code analysis to find tags in the code, like @todo or //TODO tags.
  • Unit testing execution :
    • Surefire : executes the unit tests of an application.


July 29th 2008

  • first release of dashboard maven plugin as 1.0.0-beta-1 .

Maven Dashboard Report Architecture

Maven Dashboard Report Architecture