Changes Report

Release History

Version Date Description
1.0.0-beta-1 2008-07-29 first release
1.0-SNAPSHOT 2008-07-21 fifteenth snapshot release
1.0-SNAPSHOT 2008-06-25 fourteenth snapshot release
1.0-SNAPSHOT 2008-04-05 thirteenth snapshot release
1.0-SNAPSHOT 2008-03-10 Twelfth snapshot release
1.0-SNAPSHOT 2008-02-10 eleventh snapshot release
1.0-SNAPSHOT 2007-09-07 tenth snapshot release
1.0-SNAPSHOT 2007-08-09 ninth snapshot release
1.0-SNAPSHOT 2007-06-09 eighth snapshot release
1.0-SNAPSHOT 2007-05-11 seventh snapshot release
1.0-SNAPSHOT 2007-03-23 sixth snapshot release
1.0-SNAPSHOT 2007-03-17 Fifth snapshot release
1.0-SNAPSHOT 2007-03-09 Fourth snapshot release
1.0-SNAPSHOT 2007-03-02 Third snapshot release
1.0-SNAPSHOT 2007-02-23 Second snapshot release
1.0-SNAPSHOT 2006-12-05 minor correction of First snapshot release
1.0-SNAPSHOT 2006-12-04 First snapshot release

Release 1.0.0-beta-1 - 2008-07-29

Type Changes By
fix release of dashboard maven plugin as 1.0.0-beta-1 . Fixes MOJO-828 . dvicente

Release 1.0-SNAPSHOT - 2008-07-21

Type Changes By
fix Correction of PeriodUtils.getDateFromPattern which returns wrong Date for "Endof_thisweek" on IBM 1.4.2 JVM under AIX/Linux machine. Fixes MOJO-1176 . Thanks to Duncan Doyle . dvicente
update change JDepend dependency from 2.0-SNAPSHOT to 2.0-beta-2 version dvicente
fix Correction of date labels on historic graph to avoid overlapping labels Fixes MOJO-1173 . dvicente

Release 1.0-SNAPSHOT - 2008-06-25

Type Changes By
add Add a new parameter <generateGraphs> to disable graphics generation on Linux/Unix machine without an installed XWindow server. Fixes MOJO-1104 . dvicente
fix Adding ("Maven 1 like" dashboard) an expand/collapse function to hide or not each plugin section and small graph in the cell for percent value (Cobertura and Surefire). Fixes MOJO-932 . dvicente
fix Adding an entry in the FAQ file about dashboard's errors with Maven 2.0.9 due to incompatible version of dependancies. Fixes MOJO-1101 . dvicente

Release 1.0-SNAPSHOT - 2008-04-05

Type Changes By
add Adding an entry in the site on dashboard's errors under unix environment without X11 window server. Fixes MOJO-1071 . dvicente
fix The new parameter <keepVersionAsDiscriminantCriteria> works at querying data and no at storing data. Fixes MOJO-1033 . dvicente
fix Correction of inconsistent data in parent report for "Checkstyle Violations" chart (percentages per checkstyle's categories). Fixes MOJO-1075 . dvicente
add Add success rate in Surefire historical chart. Fixes MOJO-922 . dvicente
add Addition of TagList support. Fixes MOJO-974 . Thanks to Henrik Lynggaard . dvicente

Release 1.0-SNAPSHOT - 2008-03-10

Type Changes By
add Add a new parameter <keepVersionAsDiscriminantCriteria> to avoid "loosing the history" after changing a project's version. Fixes MOJO-1033 . dvicente
add Fix of "Empty historical charts" in the maven dashboard plugin after changing the project version (this issue depends upon MOJO-1033 issue). Fixes MOJO-1025 . dvicente

Release 1.0-SNAPSHOT - 2008-02-10

Type Changes By
fix Correction of NPE with 2.4 Surefire reports.Upgrade to 2.4.1 Surefire-report dependency. Fixes MOJO-1015 . dvicente
fix Correction of broken links with module which artifactId contains dot character. Fixes MOJO-1012 . Thanks to Christoph Ewerlin. dvicente
fix Correction of HibernateException whith JDepend during persist goal. Fixes MOJO-971 . dvicente
fix Correction of Cobertura 1.9 compatibility problem.Upgrade to 1.9 Cobertura dependency. Fixes MOJO-910 . dvicente

Release 1.0-SNAPSHOT - 2007-09-07

Type Changes By
fix Correction of NPE due to CPD SAXParseException. Fixes MOJO-891 . dvicente
fix Correction of Clover Historic graph generation (empty graph even if datas exist in database). Fixes MOJO-907 . dvicente

Release 1.0-SNAPSHOT - 2007-08-09

Type Changes By
add addition of French Translation for Dashboard. Fixes MOJO-877 . Thanks to Denis Cabasson . dvicente
fix Correction of dashboard system output to maven's log. Fixes MOJO-876 . Thanks to Denis Cabasson . dvicente
fix Correction of wrong UTF-8 support in generated graphs. Fixes MOJO-873 . dvicente
add Addition of the "Maven 1.x like" global dashboard. Fixes MOJO-847 . dvicente
fix unused report plugins won't be part of the dashboard. Fixes MOJO-825 . dvicente
add addition of Total count for each table in detailled report. Fixes MOJO-824 . dvicente
add addition of Database support and Historic's restitution. Thanks to the French Postal Service for the donation of all sources code to the community. Fixes MOJO-732 . dvicente
add addition of FindBugs support. Fixes MOJO-677 . dvicente

Release 1.0-SNAPSHOT - In SCM

Type Changes By
update replace the non-public dependency javax.transaction:jta by org.apache.geronimo.specs:geronimo-jta_1.0.1B_spec which is available in public repositories. aheritier

Release 1.0-SNAPSHOT - 2007-06-09

Type Changes By
fix NPE correction in a particular three level multimodule build. Fixes MOJO-801 . dvicente
add addition of Clover support. Fixes MOJO-813 . Thanks to Matthew Beermann . dvicente
fix Correction of percentage and rendering errors on "Show Checkstyle categories". Fixes MOJO-814 . dvicente

Release 1.0-SNAPSHOT - 2007-05-11

Type Changes By
add addition of "Show Checkstyle categories" pie chart as done in Checkstyle Eclipse plugin. Fixes MOJO-679 . Thanks to Sylvain Rivollet . dvicente
fix NPE correction if dashboard called on parent project due to cobertura version discovery (DashBoardUtils.getCoberturaDatafile() method). Fixes MOJO-749 . dvicente

Release 1.0-SNAPSHOT - 2007-03-23

Type Changes By
fix correction of a regression with the report output directory for dashboard. Introduced by MOJO-690 fix. Fixes MOJO-698 . dvicente

Release 1.0-SNAPSHOT - 2007-03-17

Type Changes By
fix correction of dashboard-report-details.html missing for multi-modules project with site:stage goal . Fixes MOJO-690 . dvicente

Release 1.0-SNAPSHOT - 2007-03-09

Type Changes By
fix correction of PMD/CPD fixed x-axis problem for bar chart. Only Cobertura Bar Chart has a 100D fixed axis . Fixes MOJO-670 . dvicente
fix correction of unreadable bar chart for multi-modules project. use of offset to extend chart height. Fixes MOJO-669 . dvicente
fix Correction of NPE when running site in non-recursive mode (mvn -N site). For multi-modules project, the dashboard will not be generated, with an error message in Maven log. Fixes MOJO-668 . dvicente
fix Correction of NumberFormatException in Cobertura plugin version discovery (DashBoardUtils.getCoberturaDatafile() method). Fixed by use of DefaultArtifactVersion class. Fixes MOJO-674 . dvicente

Release 1.0-SNAPSHOT - 2007-03-02

Type Changes By
fix All forbidden characters as {'\\','/',':','*','?','"','<','>',';'} will be replaced by a '-' character. Fixes MOJO-623 . dvicente
fix use of NumberFormat expression with the default Locale instead of Double.parseDouble expression. Fixes MOJO-624 . dvicente
fix The search of cobertura.ser file must be done in the 2 directories to keep dashboard's compatibility for cobertura-maven-plugin 2.0 and 2.1 . Fixes MOJO-644 . dvicente
fix Correction of LineCoverRate calcul for multi-project summary. Fixes MOJO-662 . dvicente
update add Xalan 2.0.7 dependency in pom.xml to keep compatibility with JDK1.5 for Xalan XPath API used in dashboard dvicente
update relocation of XStream dependency from xstream to com.thoughtworks.xstream . dvicente

Release 1.0-SNAPSHOT - 2007-02-23

Type Changes By
fix support of the change of Surefire's output directory by the configuration's discovery of maven-surefire-plugin. Fixes MOJO-615 . dvicente
update Add navigation links to project's name in detailed dashboard report. dvicente
update Correction of CheckStyle, PMD and CPD errors. dvicente
add addition of a JDepend/Cobertura Xref section with aggregation of the afferent couplings and the cover rate for each package, ordered by descendant afferent couplings. dvicente

Release 1.0-SNAPSHOT - 2006-12-05

Type Changes By
update Correction of dashboard-maven-plugin goalPrefix which must be "dashboard-report". Fixes MOJO-577 . dvicente

Release 1.0-SNAPSHOT - 2006-12-04

Type Changes By
add Plugin Submission of Maven Dasboard report plugin. Fixes MOJO-575 . dvicente