Docbook is an XML based documentation format that was originally created for technical book authoring and has become an Oasis standard widely used for technical documentation.

Why a Docbook plugin?

This plugin intends to provide Docbook support for Maven, meaning you could have some documentation written using Docbook, and export it to several formats (HTML, PDF,...) so you can publish it wherever you want.

For those confused about current support of Docbook in Maven, the current situation (as far as I know) is the following:

  • There is a Docbook plugin available for Maven1.x named sdocbook, you can find it at the Maven plugins project at
  • There is some support for Docbook in Doxia, a subproject of Maven, that intends to be a content generation framework.

IMHO the Docbook support included in Doxia (although improved by a recently submitted patch) is quite good for using Docbook as the source for a Maven site, but it's inadequate for some other tasks you may acomplish with Docbook. Why? Because you have the stylesheets included in the Docbook project at, that has support for a lot of output formats: xhtml, Java help, Eclipse documentation, man pages, etc. Including such support in Doxia would mean duplicating a lot of already made work, and wouldn't be feasible in a short amount of time: it's much easier to use the stylesheets, that are actively developed and already support all those formats.


Currently this plugin is in a very alpha stage, and has only support for my use case: I use to write project documentation (specially requirements documentation) using Docbook format. I like to have very small and manageable pieces of documentation heavily interlinked, so the reader can focus on one concept at a time but have access to every related concept. In this scenario, I want to have an automatic process that converts this documentation into an HTML site. This involves a two step process:

  • Generate a olink database with the list of anchors in each document, and
  • Transform the Docbook documents using the already generated database to link documents

Of course this is a very minimal implementation of a Docbook plugin, but I would like to hear from potential users before adding more use cases to the plugin. So if you want some use case to be added to the plugin, feel free to contact me, or even better, file an issue at JIRA.