JavaScript Maven Plugin

The JavaScript Maven Plugin modifies several aspects of a default Maven project to provide a suitable base environment for JavaScript development with no extra configuration required. The extension provides a maven packaging type for JavaScript - 'js' - which provides dependencies, plugins and lifecycle mappings. The default configuration should be suitable for many projects but can be further configured using standard Maven POM configuration if required.

Declaring this plugin as an extension on your JavaScript project and setting the project's packaging type to 'js' gives you:

  • Preconfigured Maven resource directories suitable for a JavaScript project
  • JavaScript dependency management via js-import
  • JavaScript AMD dependency management via js-import and almond.js
  • Automated JavaScript unit testing with QUnit and JS Test Runner
  • Automated JSLint support
  • JavaScript and web resource minification via webminifier
  • Preconfigured Jetty for local application deployment
  • Configured site generation including JavaScript documentation via jsdoc
  • JavaScript aware artifact selection suitable for libraries and applications

More Information

  • Usage (including a usage example and an example of how to override a provided plugin)
  • Resources Provided by the Extension (including lifecycle mappings, dependencies and plugins which are provided to projects which use this extension)