This page describes some of the common use cases of the JBoss Maven Plugin. The plugin can be configured via command line parameters or by adding information to the POM.


Detailed information about available configuration parameters for each plugin goal can be found on the plugin info page.

Starting and Stopping The Server

The JBoss Maven Plugin can be used to start and stop an instance of the JBoss Application Server. To get started, you must first configure the location of the JBoss installation using either the JBOSS_HOME environment variable, the command line parameter env.JBOSS_HOME, or via the plugin parameter jbossHome.

The server can be started using the start goal.

  mvn jboss:start

And stopped using the stop goal.

  mvn jboss:stop

More information about plugin options and starting and stopping the server can be found on the examples page.

Deploying and Undeploying Applications

Applications can be deployed and undeployed to the server using either JMX or by copying the files directly to the server's deploy directory. To deploy via JMX over HTTP, you can use the deploy goal.

  mvn jboss:deploy

The hard-deploy goal can be used to copy the file directly to the deploy directory of a local server.

  mvn jboss:hard-deploy

More information the deploy and undeploy goals can be found on the examples page.