Netbeans Freeform Maven Plugin

This plugin is deprecated. See the Mojo plugins page for information and alternatives.


This plugin is for generating a Netbeans project from a Maven 2 project.

The Netbeans IDE 4.x ( defines a project type called freeform. The Freeform project type in Netbeans is a Java project using the source tree you define. It uses an Ant script to call the Ant targets given with the Java sources.

This plugin take the POM of a Maven project and its tree to create the two files needed by Netbeans to view a directory as a Freeform project. These files are the Netbeans project descriptor and the Ant build file.

Goals Overview

The Netbeans Freeform Maven Plugin has one goal:


Instructions on how to use the Netbeans Freeform Maven Plugin can be found on the usage page.