RPM plugin project

Release History

Version Date Description
2.1-alpha-1 2010-05-25
2.0.1 2010-02-11
2.0 2010-02-05
2.0-beta-4 2009-10-13
2.0-beta-3 2009-06-30
2.0-beta-2 2009-02-02
1.0-beta-1 2007-08-10
1.0-alpha-1 2005-11-11

Release 2.1-alpha-1 - 2010-05-25

Type Changes By
fix Clarify documentation on configuring passphrase. Fixes MRPM-72. bokken
fix Insert space in message saying the content is deleted. Fixes MRPM-71. bokken
fix Fix softlinks with relative locations. Fixes MRPM-65. bokken
add Automatically declare subdirectories created from sources in %files. Fixes MRPM-69. bokken
add Assemble in temp buildroot and move to real buildroot as part of %install. Fixes MRPM-66. bokken
add Allow use of macros (including from define statements) in Mappings. Fixes MRPM-5. bokken

Release 2.0.1 - 2010-02-11

Type Changes By
fix warning message for truncated version does not include the truncated value Fixes MRPM-63. bokken
fix Version MOJO fails with NPE when a release value is configured rather than calculated. Fixes MRPM-64. bokken

Release 2.0 - 2010-02-05

Type Changes By
fix Support '*' in artifact names for dependencies. Fixes MRPM-50. bokken
fix Fix support of prepareScriptlet parameter. Fixes MRPM-55. bokken
fix Improve documentation around scripting including examples and fixing erroneous postinstall reference. Fixes MRPM-58. bokken
fix Improve documentation around spaces in absolute path to workarea. Fixes MRPM-61. bokken
add Allow filtering of sources. Fixes MRPM-38. bokken
add Add ability to disable plugin by configuration. Fixes MRPM-52. bokken
add Clear work area directories before each execution. Fixes MRPM-56. bokken
add Make version and release available as properties (creating VersionMojo). Fixes MRPM-62. bokken
add Add integration test for reactor build. bokken
add Add integration test for rpm as secondary artifact containing primary and other secondary artifacts. bokken

Release 2.0-beta-4 - 2009-10-13

Type Changes By
fix SoftlinkSources do not work correctly if the location exists on the build machine. Fixes MRPM-34. bokken
fix SoftlinkSources do not work if location is a file and is only source in mapping. Fixes MRPM-35. bokken
fix Links to directory ignore the SoftlinkSource.destination. Fixes MRPM-43. bokken
add Add support for "prep" section. Fixes MRPM-36. bokken
add Add support for triggers. Fixes MRPM-39. bokken
add Add support the the special flag '-p' for the scriptlet sections. This lead to deprecating the existing configuration for all scripts. Fixes MRPM-40. bokken
add Add support for the %pretrans and %posttrans scriptlets. Fixes MRPM-41. bokken
add Add ability to strip the version from dependencies. Fixes MRPM-42. bokken
add Use the default filemode, group and user for more than just %defattr directive. Fixes MRPM-44. bokken
add Add ability to sign rpms without user interaction. Fixes MRPM-45. bokken
add Add suport for autoreq and autoprov tags. Fixes MRPM-48. bokken
add Packages being obsoleted should automatically be added to those provided. Fixes MRPM-49. bokken

Release 2.0-beta-3 - 2009-06-30

Type Changes By
fix Mapping.Source.Destination for a Mapping.directory that does not yet exist Fixes MOJO-1385. bokken
fix Handle multiple executions. This involves creating unique work areas for each execution. This may break consumers expecting the rpm to be located at a specific path in filesystem. Fixes MOJO-1383. bokken
fix populate the --target parameter for rpmbuild command correctly. Also adds the ability to filter content of rpm based on so. Fixes MOJO-1384. bokken
add add support for %Obsoletes and %PreReq Fixes MOJO-1376. bokken
add add support %changelog Fixes MOJO-1380. bokken
add add support for creating soft links Fixes MOJO-1308. bokken
add Change Source.targetArchitecture into a Regular Expression. Fixes MOJO-1394. bokken
add Ignore rpm script files which do not exist. Fixes MOJO-1388. bokken

Release 2.0-beta-2 - 2009-02-02

Type Changes By
fix handle defineStatement parameter correctly Fixes MOJO-1202. carlos
fix Runtime dependencies only includes jar files, allow any type of dependency Fixes MOJO-1252. carlos
fix buildroot with rpm 4.6 on fedora Fixes MOJO-1275. carlos
add default copyright Fixes MOJO-649. carlos
add allow %attr to be at either directory or individual file level Fixes MOJO-931. carlos
add support additional %config options Fixes MOJO-1201. carlos
add rpm as primary artifact Fixes MOJO-1249. carlos
add allow renaming of files in mapping Fixes MOJO-1250. carlos
add allow multiple mappings for single directory Fixes MOJO-1251. carlos
add sign rpm Fixes MOJO-1262. carlos
add rpm as secondary artifact bokken
add handle maven version modifiers as the release value Fixes MOJO-929. bokken
add configure target architecture Fixes MOJO-972. bokken
add add support for %defattr Fixes MOJO-1172. bokken

Release 1.0-beta-1 - 2007-08-10

Type Changes By
add Added support for %clean and %install scripts kaare
add Added support for %define arguments kaare

Release 1.0-alpha-1 - 2005-11-11

Type Changes By
add Initial version boba