JIRA Report

 MRPM-82The online document for softlinkSource is not correctClosedFixedAnders Hammar
 MRPM-97Documentation for <dependency> configuration does not mention option <stripVersion>ClosedFixedAnders Hammar
 MRPM-98Invalid parameter order at call rpmbuild utility by RPMHelper classClosedFixedAnders Hammar
 MRPM-107Get "The packaging for this project did not assign a file to the build artifact" on MacClosedFixedAnders Hammar
 MRPM-108Complete verification script of IT rpm-macrosClosedFixedAnders Hammar
 MRPM-111Name parameter of MOJO not documented in http://mojo.codehaus.org/rpm-maven-plugin/ident-params.htmlClosedFixedAnders Hammar
 MRPM-117Missing <scriptFile> is not fatalClosedFixedAnders Hammar
 MRPM-124Invalid links on site's introduction pageClosedFixedAnders Hammar
 MRPM-128RPM: noarch and targetOS ignored on Mac OS XClosedFixed 
 MRPM-132More informative error message when artifact could not be resolvedClosedFixedAnders Hammar